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GeoTrencher® With ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead

GeoTrencher® With ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead


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The GeoTrencher® With ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead has the best air cleaner systems in the industry, the New 73.5 cm³ two-stroke engine with chrome cylinder and patented KaniboronTM piston plating provides friction reduction as well as superior wear and heat resistance. The two-ring piston offers a gas-tight seal with the cylinder, this is essential in high compression engines and ensures maximum power. Magnesium crankcase for light weight and high strength.


The CSG-7410ES has the highest cutting torque in its class due to its 2.6:1 drive ratio. Drive ratio is the ratio of the wheel pulley diameter to the drive pulley diameter. The higher the ratio the more torque is developed at the wheel. This means it's easier to cut deep and less likely that the unit will get bogged down in the cut.


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